Township Heritage Trail Tour

This is a 1,5km Trail of Heritage Sites in and around the Fingo Village, including the Egazini Memorial Precinct and Old Queen Victoria Cemetery, which is also a home to the WWII Veterans Soldiers. It leads to the exciting view of Mt. Zion. The Trail is suitable for Scholars and Adventure Enthusiasts who are interested about the African History and Heritage. It is a journey of Discovery as you take short steps to decipher the hidden truths and meanings behind the forgotten past. The Lobengula Family Graves at Kwa-Ndancama [ a place of lost hope], has suffered neglect and now has run into ruins, since the some of the Young generation have no idea who the graves belong too. It has been a 'mission' to educate the Community on the value of this hidden 'treasure' that is yet ready to hatch. The Crocodile's egg that is laid far from home, Alban Njube kaLobengula kaMzilikazi who was denied the chance to go back home. The Foundation is at the forefront at recapturing the stories behind that led to the Mzilikazi and his descendants to be castrated from their fellowmen for decades. This is the beginning of a "Long Journey" to discovery, as we continue to unveil the role of Cecil J Rhodes in the unfortunate fate of the lost "generation".

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