#LightUptheNation - Educating the Young about HIV/AIDS DAY picture

The delightful Young audience were overjoyed by the experience of being part of the #LightUptheNation Campaign as it kickstarted for the first time t…

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#LightUptheNation - Campaigning for a better Society picture

The King Lobengula Foundation is inviting the Community of Makhanda city to come forth, and be part of this historical EVENT. We are making a call to…

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COME to ZION the MOUNTAIN of the LORD picture

ISAIAH 2:1-5 
The word which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem. It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of …

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#Peace&Unity Campaign working together...for a better future picture

#Peace&Unity Campaign will continue to make a difference in the lives of the People of Kwa-Ndancama [Lost hope] as we strive to bring collaborati…

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#Peace&Unity Campaign picture

It has been said that where there's a will, and there's surely a way out, and our Political Leaders  the ANC and the DA Party with the Community of M…

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#HeritageResourcesRegeneration_ClenUp picture

The King Lobengula Foundation today had the opportunity to engage with the Kwa-Ndancama Community Members to put some Gravel mixed with Tar on one of…

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a Road well School Children picture

It is a shame that some school Children from the nearby Township of Vukani have to pass through this neglected Dumpsite at the Old Queen Victoria Cem…

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Heritage Resource and Environment Preservation picture

The King Lobengula Foundation is at the forefront of Protecting and the Preservation of our Natural Environment and Heritage Areas of importance in t…

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Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees picture

#HeritageResourcesRegeneration_CleanUp Development Plan has taken today on this beautiful summer day the 14th of October 2019, to introduce the Andr…

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Birth of Cultural Cohesion...and Racial Reconciliation picture

The Princess Zila Lobengula Cultural Village was visited by the Khumalo Delegation from Keiskamma Hoek, who are conducting a research into the histor…

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a Time to learn...Cultural History picture

The group from the Tourism Board of Makhanda (Sue; Sanette and Michael) and Graeme from the (The Grahamstown Project), had a recreational moment at t…

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#LightUptheNation...a process to Socio-Economic issues picture

As we gather together at Princess Zila Lobengula Cultural Village for a beautiful Saturday afternoon to listen to some of the intriguing stories of o…

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