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The group from the Tourism Board of Makhanda (Sue; Sanette and Michael) and Graeme from the (The Grahamstown Project), had a recreational moment at the Princess Zila Lobengula Cultural Village this afternoon, as they learn more about the history of Fingo Village, one of the first multiracial suburbs in South Africa. The Delegates also later in their Heritage Tour Trail of the Township went to visit the Lobengula graves at Kwa-Ndancama, a recently developed area in the late 70's which is basically a cemetery. But the desperate and destitute People of Kwa-Ndancama [a place of lost hope] were given 50 plots to build their houses, which were later subdivided into 100 small dwellings. The delegates finished off their Adventurous tour with the visit to the Old Queen Victoria Cemetery were African soldiers are laid to rest after serving in the World War 2 with the ALLIED FORCES. Their fate was soon forgotten, as they lay in these dilapidated gravesites, that are filled with litter coming from the residents. Sometimes, a person wonders why the Community would use such a historical site as the dumping grounds, is it lack of knowledge; ignorance or just being rebellious against the Municipality for failing to 'Deliver' on their promises the Basic Human Services that makes 'Life worth living'. The King Lobengula Foundation would continue to strive to invite our Society to take time and visit these sites which are offered Daily to any person/s or a group/s who want to venture out and explore this rich history, but mostly to come and add Value as we progress together to revive these Heritage Sites along this Route, and at the same time get the benefit of reaping a rich history and a phenomenal heritage that was left by the footprints of our forefathers who are lying quietly in these grounds as they look on the bright future to come, as we continue with our Developments to Create Job Opportunities and improve the quality of Living of the Rainbow Nation. 

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