How we should be Commemorating World Aids Day 2020

By Sizwe · Oct 7, 2020
How we should be commemorating world aids day 2020 picture

Every year all over the world, on the 1st of December 'we' [the citizens of the Modern World] commemorate the World AIDS Day in support of the People living and those who have died due to this relentless epidemic. Hence, this year as we have all experience or suffered at the hands of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we call upon all Nations to  come together on this special DAY in our history to "light up" a candle on behalf of mankind. It is a call for Peace and Unity, with the rampant Xenophobia and Racial Attacks on each other, it is efficient that we work to advance and to  promote harmony amongst all the Nations (Sizwe) of the world, especially in Africa.  
The African Continent has reached a point where we need to come together as 'one' Nation, regardless of which Country you come from, as we are ALL brothers ans sisters, with the same "ROOTS", hence therefore we have come to the Consciousness of our Land. The African Continent has enough Resources to heal itself and to create a sustainable programme that will guard against any further or future outbreaks. 
We are calling on everyone to come together on this special Day, and light up some candles on behalf of our fellow brothers and sisters who have passed away unexpectedly due to COVID-19 or HIV/AIDS related illness. 
We aslo ask everyone to come and Volunteer as we continue to spread these rhetorical words, of PEACE and UNITY and follow the #Peace&Unity Campaign. 
The first light will be lighted by the Religious and Cultural Leaders at twelve (12) noon on the 1st of December 2020, and we expect all Artists and Community Workers, including the Business Sector to come and join us on this phenomenal day wearing "White t T-shirts and a Candle/s for all the Family members that need a light to be shed for their early departed souls. 
For Support and Donation, please send an email: [email protected] or WhatsApp: +27 (0)736649849

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