#LightUptheNation - Christmas carols jubilee

#lightupthenation - christmas carols jubilee picture

#LightUptheNation Campaign today received a Donation from Pick 'n Pay, Peppr Grove Mall in Grahamstown (Makhanda). The intention of the Campaign is to Promote Peace and Unity in our Society Today. The #LightUptheNation Campaign will carry the light to the 2020 Grahamstown Celebrations, that will kickstart early next year with the Commemoration of African Heroes and Heroines on March2020. This is an annual Event which would be running for the third year next year, which was conceptualised by the death of Princess Zila Lobengula in 2018 and being the last daughter of Rhodes Njube kaLobengula who is buried at Kwa-Ndancama private family cemetery. It was the result of past events that occured due to circumstances that are still yet to be unveiled on our "Long Journey to Discovery". The Theme of the Campaign is "The Impact of Colonialism in our Society Today and the Road to Restoration" which will run collaterally with Literacy and Art Exhibition at the Princess Zila Cultural Village now currently opened to anyone who has the vested interest in the history and culture of African People. It is the platform for creative thinking and abstract Artwork that is continually compiled through Workshops and Tours to make sense to the modern man in our community. Hence we invite everybody in our Modern World to come forth and share with us some Cultural Experience as we intergrate all Cultures from Eastern to African and European under the #LightUptheNation Christmas Trees, an enormous step for the Hlalani Township which would benefit tremendously through this #HeritageResourcesRegeneration_CleanUp Development which has the aim to beautify and make Mt. Zion Heritage Site, a Tourist Attraction Zone.

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