#lightupthenation - educating the young about hiv/aids day picture

#LightUptheNation - Educating the Young about HIV/AIDS DAY

The delightful Young audience were overjoyed by the experience of being part of the #LightUptheNation Campaign as it kickstarted for the first time this year at Mt. Zion, Makana's Kop in Makhanda (formerly Grahamstown). This is part of the  Campaign to promote PEACE & UNITY in the World we live in. The #LightUptheNation Campaign is aimed at rectifying the wrongs of the past and to restore our Heritage, and of which subsequently is part of enlightening the Young minds during  this time of Festivities and relaxation. The #LightUptheNation Campaign is the result of the #HeritageResourcesRegeneration_CleanUp which is focusing mainly on cleaning up of Heritage Sites; and working on the Restoration of written and spoken Literature and which thus includes the resuscitation of National Landmarks that are of importance to our Society Today. Hence, our theme for these Events is "The Impact of Colonialism in our Society Today and the Road to Restoration" which is placed in the context to the Fingo Village case study. The Frontier Region has been the foreground of the nine (9) Frontier wars that have taken place during the last two centuries between the African Tribes and the Colonial Forces. The #LightUptheNation Campaign was launched today the 1st of December 2019 in conjunction with the HIV/AIDS World Day, to support the victims affected by the impact of this Virus in their lives. The King Lobengula Foundation will continue to work towards the recognition of the disadvantaged minorities when it comes to Human Rights and Freedom. Hence, the Foundation is calling upon everyone in our Society to come forth and assist in this Campaign #LightUptheNation and bring Peace and Unity in our World Today. The Mt. Zion beautification and decorations of the seven (7) Christmas Trees will continue till the end of December and we invite the Community to be part of the Christmas and New Year's Lighting. We encourage all of our Citizens to come and be part of this phenomenal Event in the City of Saints as we take our City into the next level and bring together Economic Prosperity for ALL and Social Justice into the World.

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