#LightUptheNation...a process to Socio-Economic issues

#lightupthenation...a process to socio-economic issues picture

As we gather together at Princess Zila Lobengula Cultural Village for a beautiful Saturday afternoon to listen to some of the intriguing stories of our past. It is so surprising that in as much a person  can denounce Colonialism and its impact on the Social structure of the African Society, there is also a lot to be appreciated by its integration in our lives.  These are some of the discussions that we came to enjoy during this beautiful Saturday afternoon as we sat around the fire to braai meat in an African way using cow-dung. The Cultural Village is establish as the Interpretation Centre for these kind of unique and natural stories that are authentic and that are focused on Nation building. There is so much we can learn from each other as we plan to continue to host these Cultural Activities and Workshops. The #HeritageResourcesRegeneration_CleanUp would help us to understand the past history and learn to integrate that knowledge into shaping our future. It is important that the history does not destroy us, but we harvest the good to restore our current Socio-Economic status, of South Africa and the whole African Continent. Our plan is to light up and decorate the Mt.Zion Royal Heritage Site, also know as Makana's Kop for the month of December. The light is envisage to be on for the duration of the summer season and we expect that, the light would be carried to next year #2020Vision that would mark the 200 years of Grahamstown, after being established by the British after the Battle of Axe's in 1819. In 1820 The British Settlers gave the town its name Grahamstown after Col.Graham. #lLightUptheNation has the conceptualised the Theme of "The Impact of Colonialism in our Society Today and the Road to Restoration" which will be our focal point, during our Recreational Activities and Events.

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