#Peace&Unity Campaign

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It has been said that where there's a will, and there's surely a way out, and our Political Leaders  the ANC and the DA Party with the Community of Mzantsi were in communion with each other. The Young and the Old were gathered at Princess Zila Lobengula Cultural Village to celebrate this historic Event in our calendar. The Makhanda City Community has shown the outside world that we are able to live side by side in harmony irrespective of our affiliations and choices that make us unique. The #HeritageResourcesRegeneration_Clean is targeted at cleaning our Country of all the Scourges that we find in our Society, Hence the Theme for the Project is the "Impact of Colonisation in our Society Today and the Road to Reconciliation". Some of the negative result of Colonisation can be seen on how we treat our fellow Brothers and Sisters in our Country and from outside the Country whom we call 'foreigners'. The #Peace&Unity Campaign is meant to 'cultivate' the spirit of UBUNTU, seemingly some of us have forgotten who we are in God's Created World.

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