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#2020EXHIBITIONS!!! Upcoming Events

 #2020Exhibition is meant to promote Young Artist in the Township by using recycled material. The King Lobengula Foundation is involved in a Project called #HeritageResourcesRegeneration_CleanUp, which is aimed at cleaning up of National Heritage Sites such as Mt. Zion; The Lobengula Gravesite; WWII Veterans Cemetery and others of importance around the Frontier Region. The Princess Zila Lobengula Museum will be showcasing some of the Artwork from the 1st of February 2020 and onwards. And anyone who is interested in working with young kids and teach them some few Skills or two is welcomed to join like Ms Hortens Castelyn who has offered her time and developed such beautiful artwork made from simple material lie metallic cookies; acrylic paint and earbuds. We want to teach the children to be procreative and think out of the box and do something with materials thrown away from their  backyards. We ask everybody in our Society to come and volunteer and do something worthwhile for our kids. The Museum is opened from Mon 09:00 - 16: 30 during the week and 10:00 - 15:00 Weekends for Leisurely time and a beautiful view of Makhanda Heritage sites. The Princess Zila Lobengula Cultural Village also offers some African Food like Potjiekos; Braai and nice umqombothi for those who want to the taste of African Beer. It is a place for Social networking and a place to hang out and be creative with the Community...Come lets share our ARTWORK and create a new Culture in  Township, UBUNTU!!!

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