Birth of Cultural Cohesion...and Racial Reconciliation

Birth of cultural cohesion...and racial reconciliation picture

The Princess Zila Lobengula Cultural Village was visited by the Khumalo Delegation from Keiskamma Hoek, who are conducting a research into the history of the Khumalo Clan. Mzilikazi kaMatshobana belongs to the Khumalo Clan that descendant from Kwa-Zulu Natal, he departed after a long struggle and misunderstandings with Tshaka to find his kingdom of Mthwakazi. The Mthwakazi People 'IS' a unity of a number of other tribes who had fled during the Mfecane's wars and some came from different tribes such  as the Shona; Khoisan People; Xhosa'; Sotho's and even European blood circulated amongst the AbaThwakazi, a nation that is also known as NDEBELE PEOPLE of MATEBELELAND. The Princess Zila Museum is inviting Artist and Crafters to come and be part of Exhibitions and Workshops to help and guide those who are still searching for real facts behind the alienation of the descendants of King Lobengula and the reason for them to be sent far away from home, and be settled in Grahamstown now Makhanda. It has the similar ending with Makhanda kaNxele who after the 1819 British Colonial War was banned to Robben Island and the Xhosa Family Unity [UBUNTU] was destroyed, hence now the Foundation is at the forefront to establish Peace and Unity in our Country BY Promoting the #HeritageResourcesRegeneration_CleanUp Campaign. The Princess Zila Lobengula Cultural Village is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to share the Cultural Spirit of Unity and Peace. It is our aim to educate our Young Children and Tourists about this history that is laid so abundantly in this Township. Hence we shall continue to make a call to people to come forward and experience this beautiful and rich Heritage Route which we planning to expand and include other Places of Interest in the Frontier Region in support of our #2020VISION, a year to be filled with a mixture of Cultural Activities and Exhibitions.

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