Launching the COVID-19 Awareness Programme - Commemoration of..

By Sizwe · Dec 1, 2020
Launching the covid-19 awareness programme - commemoration of.. picture

The impact of Global change in the fields of politics; economy; and spirituality will determine the future prospects of the Nation as a whole or as an individual. It is important to now plant the seeds of change, conscientize the Young at an early stage. Hence, today we all Young and Elderly gathered together to hear the words of wisdom as we commemorate our loved ones who unfortunately had to face the unforeseen hand of death due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which is destroying lives by the hundred's in the Eastern Cape. We want to thank the wonderful and encouraging words from the Mayor of Makhanda, Cllr M. Mpahlwa for giving a warning to the Community of Makhanda to stay safe and healthy. The Mayor also encouraged Women to watch over their lives and be economically active and be the leaders of change in their respective Communities, such an example was the #HeritageResourcesRegeneration_CleanUp Campaign which is aimed at Cleaning Up and of Beautification of Heritage Sites in the East of Makhanda [ Grahamstown], with the hope to Attract Tourists in those Areas, and subsequently Create Sustainable Job and Business Opportunities for Women. Today during this Event there was a time we looked back at the neglect of Women's Rights all over the World, especially here in Africa. And Rev. Makhaye Solomon accentuated that very well when he stressed the importance of family life, in the development of the Child, hence it is important that the whole Community is involved in the upbringing of Children in Society, what we term "UBUNTU" in the African Culture, some may say "communitarianism" in the modern dialect. Mr. Sipho Albany Peter[  Makhanda Legends] had a chance to appease the spirits of our Brothers and Sisters who had  succumbed to the deadly virus. All over the world this 'day' the 1st of December we Commemorate People who have one way or another suffered and endured the scourge of the century, HIV/Aids and now it is the Corona Virus. We don't want to talk "conspiracy theory" here as some might want to take that direction, its still early for that to discuss now. The Event that was hosted by King Lobengula Foundation in collaboration with the Department of Health was mostly about passing positive values, which is "peace and unity" something that unites our Society as one Human Race, created in the image of the Almighty God and having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit sent forth from the risen Christ. That is what as Society need to bestow on our Children as their legacy.

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