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The King Lobengula Foundation has initiated an Edu-Tourism Awareness Project that brings to Visitors in alignment with the Cultural Norms of the Community, and by so learn the history and heritage that falls within the Points of Interest in the Route. This involves Research conducted with the assistance of the various Members in our Society, including the School Children who are given the chance to explore their Artistic Talents that are expressed by means of writing; and drawings of certain People and Places. We anticipate that Scholars and Academic Institutions such as Rhodes University, including the Touring Agencies would take interest and bring the Community together when we learn about each other's Cultures. There is so much history that is buried in this Area of Kwa-Ndancama in Fingo Village, including the Royal Cemeteries and the story of the nine (9) Wars that have taken place within the last 2 (two) Centuries. The Battle of Grahamstown that took place in 1820, between Makhanda kaNxele leading the Xhosa's against the British Soldiers is another historical fact that has received less attention in comparison to the 1820 Settlers Movement. The War of Egazini can also be attributed to the migration of the African Tribes towards South Eastern Region of the Continent and the arrival of the Europeans in the CAPE COLOLNY. Our Heritage Trails Tours go around  to the Royal sons Gravesite who are laid hidden beneath the grounds of Kwa-Ndancama without any consideration from the Government of the Day. The Foundation has been continuously contesting to correct the information and literature that is available out there, in the shelves of many Bookstores. Hence, the Princess Zila Lobengula Museum acts as an 'Interpretation Center' in order to get to the Roots of the so called bias historical facts as we take the Tourists through this mystical journey of Discovery... 

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